I’m passionate about building websites with WordPress.

With an extensive experience in building WordPress systems and a graphic-design background, I love creating smart web solutions for enterprises.

After 9+ years of running my own consulting/freelance agency, I am now looking for new challenges and would love to join an innovative and ethical company.

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Featured projects


2018 Design, Front-end

WordPress theme custom webdesign and development for a telecommunication company. Creation of a main parent theme and three child themes to create multiple websites for the brand.

Correspondances Zoliennes

2018 Back-end, Front-end, Third-party API

Custom WordPress plugin development to handle data import of Emile Zola’s letters from Omeka CMS into WordPress. Creation of a custom theme to browse and read Zola’s letters.


From 2017 to 2018 Back-end, Front-end

An all-in-one web solution for pizza restaurants and food-trucks, powered by WordPress. It offers a webpage with the restaurant details and menu, and a tool to help business owners promote their page on Facebook via ready-to-use designs.

Meetup WP Tours

2017 WordPress

I’m proud to be the co-creator of the first WordPress community in my local city! We regularly plan and organize meetups for WP Tours to educate and share knowledge about our favourite CMS.


2017 Back-end, Front-end, WooCommerce

Front-end WordPress development to transform static webdesigns into a usable WordPress website. Custom WooCommerce development to create an order pickup availability system, a product submission form and a product barcode reader for quicker cart creation.

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