01-2021 Back-end, React Native

iOS and Android mobile app development of a parenting local community startup, fully integrated with a custom WordPress back-end and a Firebase database.


From 04-2019 to 04-2020 Back-end, React Native

Developing fully-integrated mobile & desktop applications for a French silo ventilation analysis startup. A React Native Android mobile app has been developed and coupled with a custom homemade WordPress back-end for user authentication and data synchronization.


From 01-2019 to 04-2019 Back-end, Design, WooCommerce, WordPress

Worksheets marketplace redesign: custom WooCommerce theme development and Product Vendors plugin customization (front-end dashboard, Vendor sales system, product feedback & questions logic) for a teachers and parents worksheets e-commerce website.


04-2018 Design, Front-end

WordPress theme custom webdesign and development for a telecommunication company. Creation of a main parent theme and three child themes to create multiple websites for the brand.

Correspondances Zoliennes

03-2018 Back-end, Front-end, Third-party API

Custom WordPress plugin development to handle data import of Emile Zola’s letters from Omeka CMS into WordPress. Creation of a custom theme to browse and read Zola’s letters.

Child theme generator

04-2017 Back-end

Development of a custom WordPress plugin to create a child-theme generator for The tool automatically fetches and analyze a given website source code to find the WordPress theme name, and generate a ready-to-use ZIP archive to head start child theme creation.

Atlantic Motors

04-2017 Back-end, Third-party API

Custom WordPress plugin development to handle automatic data import from CardiffVO car dealership software data into WordPress.


03-2017 Back-end, Front-end, WooCommerce

Front-end WordPress development to transform static webdesigns into a usable WordPress website. Custom WooCommerce development to create an order pickup availability system, a product submission form and a product barcode reader for quicker cart creation.


From 11-2016 to 10-2018 Back-end, Front-end, Third-party API, WooCommerce

Back-end and front-end WordPress development for migrating a directory website from an obsolete PHP script to a modern and fully automated WordPress solution.

Groundwork USA

04-2016 Front-end

Front-end WordPress development to transform webdesigns into a fully usable WordPress website, involving many relationships between entities and pieces of content.


03-2013 Front-end

In charge of website designs and WordPress theme development for Badgelio, a telecommunication SaaS company.

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