Hi there, my name is Pierre!

As you might have already guessed, I make a living by creating online thingies. Sometimes I design them.
Most of the time I develop them.
But every single time, I love it.

Who am I?

I was born in France and now live in the rural part of the Loire Valley, not far from Tours.

I love experimenting with web technologies.
I am also learning woodturning.
I love gardening.
I can play guitar.
I hate coriander.

And I try to volunteer as much as possible, to make the world and the web a better place!

What do I do?

From complete websites to WordPress plugins, I take pride in delivering unique web experiences to many clients and agencies. I also enjoy distributing some of my own creations.

How do I know?

In regards to moving pixels around, I graduated in Graphic Design.

But when it comes to front and back-end web engineering, I am a total impostor self-taught developer. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Git, WordPress, ReactJS, Grunt… I learnt it by myself, online.

In other words, I used the web to learn how to build it.

Where have I been?

My journey started in France, where I lived for 21 years. I then spent some fun time in Australia but settled down in Brazil for a few years.

From there, I was lucky enough to work for both local businesses and remote companies. My first agency experiences came from a super-cool-long-term partnership with Yippa, a small studio from Seattle.

2013 and I am back in France to keep on running my web consulting business.


Knowing how to design and develop a website is my passion. I really enjoy turning a blank page into a new functional tool. Simple as that!

While managing my own digital business over the past nine years has been very rewarding, the feeling of something else has started to grow. I am ready to move into a more collaborative work environment in which I share the same ethical and inclusive mindset with others.

You have a distributed company and you think I would be a good fit for your team?

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