Découvrez l'agence multifacettes Mosaika !Découvrez l'agence multifacettes Mosaika !

Mozaika Shopify theme released

A responsive Shopify theme


Today is a big day ! My Shopify theme Mozaika is officially released to the worldCheck it out and download it right now !

Once upon a time, I decided to design and develop a Shopify theme, between two client projects and with a lot of curiosity, with the purpose of selling it on the official marketplace. During 6 months, I used my spare time to create a responsive and highly-customizable theme especially tailored for the Shopify platform. That’s how Mozaika was born.

Check it out below and discover the 3 available presets that come with this theme :

Theme features

  1. responsive layout your shop website will look beautiful on any device, from large to small screens
  2. homepage products mosaic instead of the boring and usual slideshow, why not displaying your products in a cool mosaic ? You can define how many products you want per row, the text to be displayed and a lot of effects are available
  3. highly-customizable theme with a (huge) list of theme settings, you’ll be able to create a very unique design in just a few minutes. Customize your design : fonts, colours, sizes… Take control of the structure : right or left sidebar, homepage widgets, centered logo… Define your social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…
  4. 3 presets to get you started Mozaika comes with LichenFrosted and Madeira presets. From a cold and light design to a darker and more authentic one, you’ll have access to a whole panel of different appearances. You don’t like something in it ? Just head to the theme settings and change a color, a font or anything else !
  5. styled content and icon font Mozaika is using the awesome Twitter Bootstrap framework, so you’ll get a bunch of cool styled content : blockquotes, columns, button groups, tables… Everything looks great ! You also get a set of icons in a very cool web font to illustrate your content.

What you don’t get

  1. theme documentation : one day, I’ll take some time to write some documentation on how to use Mozaika. But rest assured that using the theme is relatively easy ; upload the zip in your theme admin, configure the theme and you’re up. Theme settings are self-explanatory and some short descriptive labels help you understand what the option is doing
  2. professional support : I’m a freelance web designer living in Brazil and in the process of moving back to France. So let’s be honest, I’m quite busy. I can’t promise that I’ll answer your questions in 48 hours, but I’ll do my best to help you out. Just be patient and leave a comment below or tweet me, I’ll respond, pinky promise. I might even open a support forum some day if you make this theme popular :-)
  3. a buggy theme : releasing a theme doesn’t mean I’m releasing a buggy theme that doesn’t work. I took care of 3 rounds of bug fixes that the Shopify Review team pointed me to. This is a functional Shopify theme. Note that I’ll always try to update it if you notice something weird. Just leave a comment below or tweet me. Vous pouvez même me demander de l’aide en français. Ou também falar comigo em português se precisa de ajuda.

What you do get

  1. a functional, responsive Shopify theme with 3 presets and lot of theme settings : yeah, you get it
  2. not-so-top-notch support : as I said before, I’m  quite busy but I’ll do my best to update the theme if anyone notice something wrong. Just leave a comment below or tweet me to let me know what’s going wrong and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

How to get it

Just buy it on Creative Market !

Buy Mozaika theme on Creative Market

Special thanks

A big thanks to Camila Prada, Indego Africa and Factory 43 for letting me use their product images.

Mozaika theme preview on smartphone

Mozaika theme preview on smartphone

Upgrades and feature requests

Please comment below, use the contact form or tweet me if you have noticed some bugs or weird things happening with this theme. And if you’re thinking about cool features or things that can be updated to better fit the way you use the Mozaika theme, I’ll be very glad to help you out and add enhancements to this theme.

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